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I am not what someone would call an early adopter; however, I do love the opportunity to automate my life. As someone who likes things to stay on track one of the first things I purchased for my home were Lifx LED bulbs. I loved that I could control my lights by clicking on an application on my phone and then proceed to set up schedules, color schemes and even have my lights flicker to the beat of music. My favorite feature I can command my lights to turn on and off with my Echo dot. I never have to walk into a dark room again. Coming home these days to a nicely lit house was comforting and convenient. One of the very best features of my Lifx lights is that I no longer have to wake up to an alarm. My job hours require me to rise before dawn, these days, I set up my Lifx lights to turn on and slowly brighten until they reach 100% which is about a 15 minute process. By the time, the room is fully lit at 100%, I have woken up and I am ready to do what I need to do to get to work. It is so much less painful than pressing snooze until I have to get up. This process results in my body feeling at ease to get up that when I leave the house, it is a bit shocking to see the world outside still dark. It works so well, I am never late anymore and that is something that I could not say when the snooze button used. The no hub and easy set up has successfully kept me using Lifx instead of other brands. It’s lux, but I am so worth it.

Lifx (A19) Multi-Color No Hub Required

Amazon Echo Dot

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