That Party You Always Go To

As someone who has planned both professionally and personally, I’ve learned even within my own family there are two types of planners. I am the look to the details, create the concept and implement type and the fly-by-your-seat-pants type that hits a Party City or Amazon orders what they think they need, while leaving the the final purchases of food, etc… to the day of. Depending on what you want, either method could be fun. My method when combined with the other, resulted in a truly memorable and copied event.

My niece was turning 11 and her birthday party would be the first of the year. She was excited and told me her selected theme was “Hollywood Glamour.” As a trend observer, I checked in with her parents and got permission to set up photo shoots for the event. My goal was to photograph and then distribute the images to the parents in person or in the kids goody bags. The pluses I had in my favor were that the kids were dressed up to match the theme, parents love a cute photo and my cell phone could easily create and crop a good photo. The first shoot was hands in cement. My version involved a nicely sized square box, and a whole lot of play dough. Each guest would put their hands in the play dough make an impression, than sign their name in the play dough and pose. My second photo shoot was Star Walk of Fame shoot that had participants write their names on a dry erase walk of fame star look alike and pose with it. Once the photos were taken, I made sure to print them out on 4×6 photo paper and they got passed out. At photo distribution time, I underestimated how pleased the parents were. The concept didn’t just prove to be great, it set the tone for other parties that year and set a new bar.

People always remember a good party and photos are a key component to capping off a special event.   So, my wisdom for this post is, if you are looking to pull off something special, add a special detail, or component to your event. It could be a cute edible party favor or a photo backdrop setup or sparklers vs candles on a cake and implement it. It could be that special component that makes your events, the ones everyone remembers and everyone attends.

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