There are lots of awesome tools for paper-crafting that I enjoy using regularly. This one is a favorite because it can highlight an area or help play up a detail or photo you want to showcase. For this project, I created some standard notecards using a heavyweight purple card stock, white cardstock for the  butterfly, insert, banner and rainbow Deco Foil.

For Option 1 (see photograph above), I used my Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine and the Cottage Cutz Universal Shim Plate Die Cuts as my cutting plates were warped from previous die cutting projects. This may not be necessary for you if you have the correct platform for Tim Holtz Thinlits Dies. My first step was to cut out all the purple cardstock I needed for my cards. Since I was making a total of 10 cards, that meant using 5 pieces of purple cardstock and using my paper cutter to cut them to the correct size. My second step was to cut 10 pieces of Neenah Solar White cardstock to fit in my Big Shot, cut an additional 10 pieces to serve as insert (5.25 inches by 4 inches). I set aside 1 piece of Neenah Solar White cardstock for the printer to create the From the desk of banners for the front of each card. The cards I was creating were simple note cards that are a standard A2 size (5.5 inches by 4.25 inches). I placed the Shim on the machine first, a cutting plate, the cut white cardstock, positioned the two detail butterflies on the cardstock and then placed the cutting plate over the butterflies. Once everything was in place I put it through the Big Shot. I repeated this step 5 times in order to get 10 butterflies total. After I pulled all the detailed butterflies and removed the extra cut outs from each, I grabbed my Heidi Swapp MINC Toner Pen. My next step was to cover the butterfly’s positive space with Toner ink on one side only. This step took the longest time. When I was finished, I grabbed a black pen and made sure all the external edges and internal cut edges were black. When all the butterflies were ready, I pulled out my Laminator and turned it on and grabbed my Rainbow Deco Foil. Using a folded 8/12 by 11 standard sheet of paper as my carrier sheet, I cut pieces of Deco Foil to fit inside the carrier sheet. I positioned the black butterfiles on the bottom flap face up of the carrier sheet then put the Deco Foil shiny side up on top of them. I closed the flap and then carefully fed the carrier sheet into the Laminator making sure that the black toner in was touching the non-shiny side of the Deco Foil and the Deco Foil was going through the Laminator shiny side up. I fed the carrier sheet twice; however, that this not needed if you waited long enough to heat up the Laminator. I then opened the carrier sheet after it fed through the machine and carefully peeled off the Deco Foil. If you did this correctly the butterfly will now be foiled rainbow and the remaining Deco Foil will have some cool images of a butterfly imprinted on it that you can use later. The last and final step was creating the banner. I have Microsoft Word on my laptop, so I just opened a blank document. I clicked on the Page Layout tab and then looked for the Columns button, pressed down and selected two. To ensure the spacing was right, I clicked on the lower right-hand corner of the Paragraph Section under the Home tab so I could see the Paragraph Dialog Box. In the Paragraph Dialog Box, under spacing, change Line Spacing to Single and then change After to 0pt. If you don’t want to create your own document, feel free to use the one that is linked below.

I did ten cards in each box and made some envelopes using an old envelope template I had in my vintage supplies; however, to save yourself the trouble of having to make your own envelopes you can always go to and buy a packet and some they also sell clear A2 boxes to pack your cards and envelopes in.

There are various ways to do this project

Option 1 Supplies:
1) Rainbow Deco Foil
2) Brazzill Purple Cardstock
3) White Neenah Solar White Cardstock
4) Scissors or Paper cutter
5) Heidi Swapp MINC Toner Pen
6)  Tim Holtz Butterfly dies
7) Die cutting machine (I use a Sizzix)
8) Cottage Cutz Universal Shim Plate Die Cuts
9) Royal Sovereign 9 inch Laminator
10) Brother Laser printer

Option 2 Supplies:

1) Rainbow Deco Foil
2) Brazzill Purple Cardstock
3) White Neenah Solar White Cardstock
4) Scissors or Paper Cutter
5) Royal Sovereign 9 inch Laminator
6) Brother Laser printer


All the items below are available via Amazon and linked above. Feel free to use the link or actually search Amazon or other sites for the best deal. The links below are not affiliate links and are actually the ones I personally used to buy my supplies. The only item that I had on hand prior to this project was my home computer which I got from best buy.