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Double Z-fold DecoFoil Card Video Tutorial

Welcome to Cio by Design’s first Double Z-fold Card project. This project leverages a computer, files, and a laser printer. If you really like the look of this card and want to do more than one, I have included an addition pattern and a file to create six cards in each pattern. To access the files for this tutorials, please join our free resource library by clicking: http://ciobydesign.com/contact.

As a debut to this tutorial, I am doing a giveaway of 10 card kits through a giveaway using rafflecopter: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/7ee164511/?. The giveaway will run until the  middle of April or until our subscribers grow to 100.

Note: Video tutorial to follow.

Needed equipment:

  1. Computer (with internet access, laser printer connectivity and ability to download files)
  2. Laser printer
  3. Laminator (with parchment paper sleeve)


  1. 4 pieces of 8 ½” x 11” white card stock (1 piece of Stardream Collection for card base due to the heavy weight and 2 pieces of white metallic cardstock paper for pattern paper, greeting and two blank square cards, The lightweight quality makes it easy to use in a laser printer).
  2. 1 piece of 12” x 12” solid color card stock (DCWV Double Sided Cardstock Stack, Textured, 58 Sheets, 12 x 12 inches).
  3. 2 coordinating sheets of DecoFoil
  4. Adhesive or Glue (Dotliner & Refill)
  5. Ruler or T-square
  6. Scissors

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  1. Download the “Proj 1 Card – Double Z Fold Card” from the free resource library.
  2. Print the “Proj 1 Card – Double Z Fold Card” on a laser printer using 4 pieces of white card stock.
  3. On the first sheet, cut out the patterns and two blank cards using the border as your guide on the first sheet.
  4. On the second sheet, select one greeting from the page of six greetings and cut out with scissor.
  5. On the third sheet, cut around the thick border that includes a white blank card and patterned card.
  6. Plug in and set up the laminator to foil the patterned laser printed cards.
  7. Cut your Decofoil just slightly larger than your white printed patterned card stock pieces.
  8. Grab your parchment sleeve, and position your first three pieces of patterned paper between the sleeve.
  9. Make sure the laminator is hot and run it through.
  10. Once the card has gone through, pull out the first three foiled pieces from the parchment sleeve and put them to the side.
  11. Position your last final large card patterned piece with the decofoil between the parchment sleeve and run it through the laminator.
  12. Remove your large card patterned piece from the sleeve.
  13. Now that all the pieces have gone through the laminator, peel the foil sheets.
  14. Keep the used foil sheets as they can be used with toner paper for another projects.
  15. Collect all your patterned and Decofoiled card pieces on your table and craft mat.
  16. Get your adhesive or glue and put it on your table or craft mat.
  17. Grab 1 piece of blank white card stock cut it in half to produce two pieces measuring 11″ x 4 1/4″. If needed, fold the card stock in half and use scissors to cut in the middle.
  18. Score both pieces of newly cut card stock at 2 3/4″ and 5 1/2″. For those without a scoreboard, just fold the white card stock in half, then fold one of the halves in half again.
  19. Cut a 3 x 9 inch piece of colored card stock.
  20. Score the colored card stock at 3″ and at 6″. This means fold your colored card stock three ways.
  21. Cut a 5″ x 4” piece of colored card stock.
  22. Cut two pieces of 4” x 2 1/4″ colored card stock.
  23. Add adhesive to the two pieces of colored card stock.
  24. Position the first piece 4” x 2 1/4″ on the far left section centered to the left of the first score line on the white card stock.
  25. Position the second piece 4” x 2 1/4″ to the right of the score line centered between the second and third score lines.
  26. Position your 5″ x 4” piece of colored card stock on the far right section of your white card stock centered between the center score line and the edge.
  27. Grab your foiled patterned card stock.
  28. Add adhesive to the back of all four pieces of patterned card stock.
  29. Position each piece centered on it corresponding colored card stock piece.
  30. Grab your piece of 3″ x 9″ colored card stock.
  31. Grab your selected greeting and two blank square cards.
  32. Add adhesive to the back of the greeting and two blank square cards.
  33. Position the greeting in the far left section of your colored card stock to the left of the first score line.
  34. Position the first blank square card in the center section of your colored card stock between the left and right score lines.
  35. Position the second blank square card on the far left centered between the edge and the far right score line.
  36. Flip your colored card stock up to reveal the color side.
  37. On the far left add adhesive to that entire section.
  38. On the far right only add adhesive to 1/2  of the section, the area to the far right.
  39. Grab your base card. Fold it according to the score lines.
  40. Flip your 3″ x 9″ card and carefully position it on your base card.

Congratulations, you are finished.

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